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Gold Season

Updated: Jul 20, 2018

It’s summer! Labor Day has passed, 4th of July has passed. We’re now knee deep in summer, or as I like to call it, “Gold Season”. Depending on where you are in the Bay Area, summer is either scorching 100-degree heat or downright chilly, 55-degree fog and wind. It’s kind of mind-boggling, how the weather and temperature can differ so wildly within short a 30-mile drive. I suppose it’s one of the reasons living in the Bay Area is so special.

In the summer, starved for water and baked by the sun, the green winter grasses that cover most of our hills turn a stunning and brilliant shade of gold. Some might look at the hills and see dead grass, but I see a sea of gilded straw that’s just as breathtaking as when the landscapes are fresh and verdant.

If you’re in the bay, whether you’re outside exploring or driving by one of our hills on the freeway, take a moment to absorb the gleaming, golden views. It won’t last long. Come August, the lustrous grasses will fade into brown.

Photos by Latifat Apatira

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