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We see a day when children, communities, and nature flourish.

With love, bravery, hope, we assert the earth and it's people are able to live in harmony.

People who inspire us


We see a day when children, communities, and nature flourish.

Our Mission

Implement a community-based and participatory research agenda for nature in clinical care and community health.
Train health care providers as thought leaders and clinical scientists in nature and health.  
Deliver high quality medical care with partnerships that integrate nature into clinical medicine.
Advocate for nature as a public health priority.

Latest Blog Posts

CNH offers a unique opportunity to serve families who have been most impacted by health disparities, and often have the least access to nature. We have created some of the first ever validated protocols for physicians to integrate nature-based behavioral interventions into their practices. Through innovative partnerships, we extend access to nature for patients and communities served by our hospital. 

Who We Are

Nature is essential to health. And a growing number of healthcare and public health professionals are using nature to heal their patients and communities. The Center for Nature and Health (CNH) at UCSF is a pioneer in this field. Founded in 2016, at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland, the Center is a true reflection of our belief that nature can and should play a key role in healing. We accomplish our mission through original research relating to nature and health, interdisciplinary partnerships to promote the study of nature and health, clinical care in nature, and advocacy.

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